What thoughts does this word bring to your mind?
It doesn’t have a perfect definition or explanation.
It is when two people are in a relationship, when two people are together, exclusive, and ofcourse when two people go out on dates.

But how is this “dating” achieved?
Keep on reading if you want to know…..
Do you expect yourself to be taking a shower one day, and Prince Charming or Princess Cinderella will knock at your door and ask you on a date?
That’s not happening anytime soon, unless you’re in a Disney movie, of course.
Go out if you want to start dating. Make yourself available to single people.

Flirt with people, don’t be a pervert, but just a little light flirting won’t get you into too much trouble.
Don’t completely lose your self-respect and value just to impress someone else. You’re going to have to put up with it for a long time.
Choose the person you think is most suitable for you. Dating isn’t some sort of joke, so don’t just choose a partner to get it over with and just for the heck of it.
Get to know them!
Find the right person and ask them out on a date!
Remember to look your best when you go on a date, and keep things fun and light. Don’t start talking about problems and emotional stuff right on your first date!
And don’t forget to stay safe, this person could be a kidnapper for all you know! Make sure someone knows where you are so that in case of any emergency, you can be found.
Its best if you keep first dates in public places, its more safe and secure that way.

All the while, be honest. Don’t put up with something to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. If you’re not happy with something, then simply let it go.
Be honest with what you are looking for, what you want and what you need. Don’t lie, about anything. You’ll get away with it for now, but later it’ll all get back to you.
Take your time, and don’t do anything under pressure, because this is one of those times where we make the worst and wrong choices.

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