Your wedding is the day that you have been waiting for since you decided to marry your special someone.
You want everything to be just perfect.
Well guess what, this is not impossible!
The perfect wedding can happen, if only you know how to make it happen.

For your wedding to be perfect, everything must be organized.
Everything has to be pre planned in order for your wedding to go smoothly and perfectly.
So first of all, decide your budget. How much can you and how much are you willing to spend on this wedding? The venue? Your dress? The food? The drinks?
If that isn’t decided before hand, you could end up spending way more than you can actually afford!
Plan everything in mind, where you want to have your wedding.

Do you want it to be a small gathering? Or do you want to invite a LOT of people?
Do you want it to be in your backyard? Or in a wedding hall?
Decide the venue, and check out the prices. Is it affordable?
Choose the menu, and decide something which is suitable. Something that will satisfy your guests’ hunger and something that the majority of the people like.
After all that is decided, come to the dress.
It’s your big moment, you have every right to spend loads on this one!
Get a fancy tuxedo, the one you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.
Or get that white dress you saw in the store that day, the one you’ve been absolutely dying to buy.

Get the matching accessories along with it. It’ll make you feel confident, once you’ve bought everything
If all this is too stressful, then you can even hire professional wedding planners if your budget allows you to.
Make a list of all the people you want to invite, and send them invitation cards. Go over this list with your family and double check to make sure you haven’t missed anyone important.
Decide on a date which is suitable for both you and your partner, and the people who are to attend your wedding.
And lastly, if you want to record this beautiful moment in photographs, hire a professional photographer as this will get you the best results.

Remember not to stress yourself out. Ask friends and family
for help, and I’m sure everything will go just fine!

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