“It isn’t how much we give, but how much LOVE we put into giving.”

The Occasion

It’s your beloved one’s birthday. You’re contacting your friends, asking for ideas; you’re racking up your brains. Or you could even be asking your significant other, rather subtly, what he or she wants. The perfect birthday gift.

Well, the tension is over!

Here you will find the best ideas, which will bring a wide grin to your loved one’s face, and they will forever remember it.

Before picking out a dress, we keep in our mind the event, right? If we’re going to a party we’ll get party wear. If we want something to sleep in we’ll look for comfy PJ’s.

Everything you buy, it has a purpose behind it. You can’t just go to the shop and get random stuff, since different things have different purposes.

In the same way, before shopping for a gift, you have to keep in mind the occasion. Is it anniversary? Birthday?

You need to find something suitable for the occasion. For anniversaries its quite usual to get flowers.

For his or her birthday you need to get the perfect gift.


A simple pencil can be given and it can be special. Relationships are made up of so many memories and special moments. These special moments are linked up with worldly things.

For example, you could’ve shared your first kiss at a bridge. That bridge signifies a special moment that the both of you shared together.

Getting a key chain of a bridge, would seem pretty normal. Someone might come up to you and ask you “So, your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up. What are you planning to get her?” and you say “A bridge key chain.”

That sounds normal, seems like a pretty small thing for a birthday. But only the both of you know the importance behind this small act. Only the both of you know what the true meaning behind this key chain is.

This, small souvenir of your love, will touch her in the most affectionate way possible. It is a small secret between the both of you.

In this way, if you really want to win her heart, link up objects with the best of your memories.

Another thing that you could do is get stuff with text or numbers embedded into it.

You could get a key chain with your names written together, or a pendant with the date on which you got together could be written.

All these things add a little touch of specialty to your gift and make it all the more personal and romantic.

A photo frame with a loving quote or a birthday cake with your loved ones name on it should also do the trick!

Birthday Gifts

But what if you can’t think of anything? No worries.
There are other things that you could do, too.


Maybe you just got into a relationship recently, and you don’t want to do something too fancy since you don’t know each other all that well yet. Or maybe you just can’t think of anything.

In this case, a simple birthday gift would do too.

For men, it’s common to get a wallet, or a watch. You could do that, too. Get him a nice leather wallet. Or an expensive watch. Well it doesn’t have to necessarily be expensive, but get something good. Don’t get if from the thrift shop!

You could even get him a shaving kit, or tickets to his favorite game. All these things are really nice and thoughtful, and will definitely be appreciated by your loved one.

For girls, jewelry and make up is very common indeed. Get her a nice set of earrings, or a decent bracelet.

It will definitely be appreciated.


Another thing that could be done for both genders is a cake. Your loved one bakes a cake for you – doesn’t that sound perfect?

There are ready made cake mixes that are really simple and easy to make. You could make it with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you could surprise them by making it for them.

Accompanied with a surprise birthday party – things would be terrific.

You don’t have to necessarily throw a big surprise bash. Just surprise them by appearing at the most unexpected time.

Always remember!

Whatever you do, if you put your heart into it, then it will definitely be appreciated. Whatever gift you give, it will make him or her happy, because they know that you care.

Giving a gift shows that you care, and that you remembered her or his birthday. It doesn’t matter what you give, all that matters is that you made an effort and you tried.

So don’t stress about it! And definitely don’t cross your budget. Keep in mind how much you have to spend and how much you can afford to spend.


Whatever you do, I promise you it will be amazing.

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