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At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.

And whoever realizes this, is wise.
The longer you take to accept reality, the more hurt you are likely to be.


Be wise, and don’t let love blind you completely because that could cause damage beyond repair.


“Seriously man?” I asked Evan.

He nodded, looking at me with the most serious face in the world, and then we burst out laughing.

“Come on Zion,” I said, “tell Evan how this is the stupidest thing in the world.”

“Yea mate,” Zion said, “Caleb’s right. Visiting a psychic? That’s some dumb stuff.”

“I don’t even believe in these things man!” I stated.

“No one’s asking you to believe,” Even said matter-of-factly, “It’s just a time pass.”

“Yea we can pass time while playing FIFA,” Zion muttered.

psychic love


Evan pushed us both inside and the door opened. We both bumped into this couple who came out laughing.

“Sorry,” we both muttered.

The man just gave us weird looks while the girl smiled politely and left.
We all entered and I could hear them say “Damn.”

This is not what we expected.
Inside was the most breathtaking girl I had ever seen. Frizzy hair that framed her fair face. Glossy lips, stunning eyes, slim figure.

psychic love


Wearing an over sized shirt and skinny jeans, with high boots.

“Hello people,” she said in a French accent. That was a hot accent.

Evan and Zion were too busy recovering themselves.

“Hi,” I said casually, “Will we have to make an appointment to see you?”

“If you want to,” she said playfully. She smiled, “You can come by anytime, and unless I’m not having any customers, you can come. Bienvenue.”

“Merci de nous avoir,” Zion said in a thick accent.

“English please?” Evan muttered.

“I welcomed you, and your friend,” she said, pointing at Zion, “thanked me for having you here.”

“Please, take a seat,” she said, and she looked at Zion and said, “Asseyez-vous.”

“He speaks English,” Evan stated.

The girl grinned and lead us to a table.

“So, what brings you here?” she asked.

“Fate,” Evan said dreamily.

She started laughing and I couldn’t help but ask her what her name was.

“Layana,” she said beautifully. I nodded and she asked us ours.

Before any of us could speak Evan pointed at Zion and said, “Zion, in a relationship,” pointed at himself and said,

“Evan, single,” and pointed at me and said, “Caleb, also single maybe.”

She smiled and said, “Okay, so you understand how this works right?”

I shook my head. I wanted to hear her explain everything in that French accent of hers.

“I’m not going to tell you life changing information,” she said, smiling, “Just going to tell you things that will help in the future. Not when you will die or how many kids you will have.”

We all nodded. “So when do you want to come? Since this is time taking. And I usually don’t do it together. I do it separately. The only people that come in groups are usually couples. Let me know when you want to, since 6 is my closing hour.” And she pointed to the clock.

We all got up and Zion said, “Il était vraiment agréable de vous rencontrer,”

“It was nice to meet you too, Zion,” she said and Evan started to laugh.

We all left.

“Damn was she hot, hey Zion lay off with that French shit of yours okay? You’re with Natasha,” Evan said the second we got out of the place.

“I was just messing with you guys,” he said, “I’m very satisfied with Natasha thank you very much. In fact she’s calling me right now,” and he went ahead and answered his phone.

“I think Zion knew about her that’s why he brought us here,” Evan said. I laughed and we went back home.

“I’ve texted you her number,” he said proud of himself.

“You have her number?” I asked incredulously.

“I noted it, it was on the board.” He said shrugging.

I laughed and we entered Evan’s house, played some FIFA and then went our homes.
The next day I got a text from Evan telling me he was going to Layana. Minutes later he asked me if I wanted to hang out.

“Why?” I asked him, “Layana figured you were a pervert?”

Evan laughed, “No, she’s with someone else right now. And I want to spend time with you before my flight to Cannes.”

“Sure,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I’m bringing Chinese on my way. Until then you set up the Xbox.” He said.

psychic love


“It takes a minute to set it up,” I told him.

“Yea but it takes you an hour to get up. I’m on my way,” he said and ended the call.

I asked Zion if he wanted to come over but he was on a date with Natasha, so Evan came and we ate and played.
Late night I dropped him off at the airport, and heading back to my car I saw a girl waving around for a cab.
I went up to her and I realized it was Layana.


“Layana?” I asked.

“One of those three guys that stopped at my place yesterday?” she asked.

I chuckled. “Yep, Caleb.”

She nodded.

“So what brings you here?” I asked.

“A customer decided to play some prank on me. I told him something about an airport and he decided it was a good idea to use that against me. He drove me here telling me that there was something I had to see and then left me here,” she said casually.

I was shocked. “You want a ride home? And surely you know his name, tell someone.”

“This kind of thing happens all the time Caleb. I’m a psychic, and when people aren’t happy about it, they decided to take action,” she said, smiling. “And yes, I’d love a ride home.”

“Where do you live?” I asked her.

She gave me her address and I noted it down on my GPS. It was an hour long drive.

psychic love


“Are you cool with that?” she asked.
I nodded, and I started up the car.

“So, what’s it like, being a psychic?” I asked her.

“Fun. Scary.” She said, smiling.

“No offence, but I don’t believe in that stuff.” I stated.

“There’s nothing to believe in. We’re not predicting your future. Just, giving you wisdom. As weird as that sounds. And no offence taken.” She said, smiling.

“You sure smile a lot,” I commented, which made her smile wider, “And you sound like someone is forcing you to do this job.”

“Because my mother is forcing me to. I’m also doing a course in Psychology and as soon as I finish with college I’m becoming a psychiatrist.” She stated.

“Nice. I’m doing computers,” I said, “Maybe I can work as your assistant?”
She laughed a melodious one. “It would be amazing to hire you.”

“And it would be amazing working with you,” I said, grinning.
We both sat in silence then, and I turned on the radio.

Uptown funk by Bruno Mars was on and we both let out a “YAS!” and started laughing.
The next thing I know we were both shaking our hands and singing along and laughing.

“I didn’t know psychics dance, you know?” I said, in a very serious tone.

“They do,” she said, and grinned at me.
The way she smiled when we went to her, was different. She kept smiling, and it didn’t look fake or anything, but I bet she uses it for customers.
Right now she was grinning, goofily, carelessly. I loved both sides of her.

“I predict that,” she said, tapping her finger on her chin, “you’re having a lot of fun. And I predict that you’re going to stop this car right now and we are going to have a dance off because I’d love to see your moves out in the open.”
I parked the car on the side, switched on the headlights, and turned the radio on high. I rolled down the windows, and we both went outside, laughing.

We were dancing like idiots, doing weir motions with our arms. After a while her arms were wrapped around my neck, and mine around her waist.
We were dancing to ‘Give me Love’ now. I spun her around and let her dip, feeling happy when she dipped so low, knowing that she trusts me and that I won’t let her go.

psychic love


We got back into the car, and she said, “I predict that you’re going to drive me straight back home now because it’s very late.”

I laughed and raced back to her house.

“I had fun,” she said, smiling.

“Me too,” I said.

“So do you want to book an appointment?” she asked, “Not for a psychic reading, but for, hanging out?”

I laughed and agreed, loving how absolutely confident this girl was.
I left and drove back home, feeling giddy with excitement.
The next week flew by. There was no one to ask me questions. Evan was gone, Zion was with Natasha and I was with Layana. We went ice skating, to the theatres, and she even knew how to play FIFA!

After a week of spending every day and night with her, I wanted to tell her how I felt. How I had fallen madly in love with her.

I brought her a crystal ball, pun intended that said “I love you”. It was a beautiful glass ball with snow and a couple dancing and “I love you” graffiti.

psychic love


I called and texted her but got no answer. I went to her workplace but it was closed.
I waited for a day but then I became restless.
I drove to her house and rang the doorbell, wearing my favorite hood and trouser!


psychic love

Her sister answered and told me she was in Cannes.

I decided to visit her because I had a ticket promotion from my college, and I would visit Evan too.
I got onto the next flight, and got her address from her sister. She told me Layana was staying with a friend at a hotel, so I went.


I got to Cannes, and knocked on the door of their hotel room. When Layana opened the door, nothing prepared me for what I was about to see.

Sitting right there was Evan, watching TV.

“Layana babe who’s there?” he asked, getting up.
He stopped mid track when he saw me and came forward.

“Hey mate how are you?” he said, giving me a light hug, “and what is that in your hand? What are you wearing? Going on a date?”

“Evan. I got this for Layana. I came here to get her this and you’re with her?” I said, trying not to sound weak.

“Sorry bro. I swear if I knew you guys were dating I would have never done this. I saw her in the shop and we hung out and now we are here.” He said, shocked, “In fact, we were texting since I met her and then we decided to meet here.”

“So you were texting him while we were going out?” I asked Layana disbelievingly.

“Guys, please let me explain, it’s really not what you think it is,” she said sincerely, and I almost believed her but my gut told me she was a liar, “I’m not looking for anything serious. We were just hanging out, as friends. That goes for both of you, Evan and Caleb. I am not romantically interested in any one of you. We’re just friends!”

“Good,” I said, my voice rising, “Thanks for leading me on and then completely breaking my heart. You and your damn unromantic interests can go to hell.”

“Look, I’m sorry if I led you on, that wasn’t my intention,” she said, her voice low.

“Whatever,” I muttered, keeping the crystal ball on the side table.
I exited the door and I ignored Layana’s protests. Evan came right after.


“Hey sorry man- “he started but I interrupted him.

“It’s not your fault, she played with both of us,” I said.

We caught the next flight back home, and played FIFA all day.
And just like that, she was forgotten.

I visited her house, to see what she was up to because a girl like that isn’t ever completely forgotten or erased from your heart.

But her sister said she left town, for good.
And I was not going to go chasing after her.

“A broken heart is the worst. It’s like having broken ribs. Nobody can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe.”




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