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story of danial


I found the love of my life at a party.

It was the best thing in the world.



story of danial


“I feel like I can conquer the world with one hand when you’re holding the other one.”
But that party was also what destroyed me, shattered me, and ruined me.I feel like I can never live again!

story of danial


I fell in love with someone who doesn’t even look at me!

How it feels, I bet none of you can understand or relate to the pain.
We are all humans, and we have the right to be loved and to fall in love. We cannot stop our heart from falling in love with someone. Oh, how I wish we COULD stop our hearts.
This is how I feel about us.
I’ll start from the very beginning so that y’all can understand. This is where I stand today and this is where she stands today.
So apparently, she’s my cousin, not a very close or first cousin, though. We both met each other at Michael’s birthday party, who Is my cousin.

story of danial


He invited quite a lot of people from many different places so she and her family were

there, too.


I looked at her, and she looked damn gorgeous.

Unlike everybody else, she wasn’t overly dressed in fashionable clothes.

She was wearing a simple shirt and jeans, sipping on a glass of wine

all alone in the corner of the hall.

story of danial

I wasn’t able to move toward her. I thought it’d be very strange if I just went to her, since we’ve never met before and I don’t even know who she is!

I called Michael, the host of the party, to go and stand by the girl’s side and I told him that I’d join him there.
He asked me why, and I told him because I needed an excuse to talk to that pretty girl over there.
We both introduced ourselves, and she introduced herself. Her name was Andy. And she was super friendly. We talked a lot at the party. Somewhere in the middle Michael walked away from us and I dint even realize because I was so lost, so busy talking to her. She was beautiful, she was adorable, and I know perfection doesn’t exist but she was perfect.

story of danial


She had a very nice personality, interesting even. She remained by my side throughout the party, and we kept talking. After the party ended we starting talking on the phone and on social media like mad people. We’d talk day and night, and I STILL couldn’t get enough of her.


story of danial


Everyone left the party, but we remained there. We kept talking and talking. Talking about life, problems, friends school.

At some point, she put her head on my shoulder and asked me to read to her.


story of danial


After all the time that we spent together,I thought that she felt the same way as I did. I thought that she was serious about me. So I went and expressed my undying love for her. I told her exactly how I felt. She accepted me, but as time passed she started fighting with me for absolutely no reason! 6 days would pass and she wouldn’t talk to me, and when she did, she would fight.


story of danial


After a year, I felt that she was annoyed of me. I asked her something. I told her, Dude, I love you and I will love you til my last breath. Just tell me one thing, why have you been so rude to me for the last few months? Just answer that, and I’ll leave you as you were, and I’ll go dump myself in a corner.”


She led me to the balcony. And she sat down on the couch. I sat down right next to her, staring out of the window waiting for her to say something.


story of danial


We sat there in silence, and I felt dread. I felt like something bad was going to happen and I just wanted to cherish this moment. Even if she wasn’t saying anything, she was sitting, right next to me.

And that was better than nothing.

“My parents,” she said, shakily, “They went to your house, and they asked for my marriage with you elder brother. And everybody agreed.”

I was shocked, I completely freaked out. Seriously? She would be my sister in law! This was worse than a nightmare!
She put her hand on my shoulder, and I felt terrible. I was with my gonna-be sister-in-law! I felt shameful. I felt terrible.

She is two years younger than me, and I’m almost 3 years younger than my elder, which means that they’ve got a goddamn difference of 5 years! How could our parents be so dumb? How they could they all agree on such a stupid thing! And the worst part is, Andy agreed too! How could she? And the best part is, my parents didn’t utter a word about this!

We were both madly in love with one another. But this, this shit made her hate me every time that I talked to her. I told her that I wouldn’t and I couldn’t bear her being married to my elder brother!
My heart broke into pieces. My life had taken an unexpected turn. What the fuck was going on?
The only thing that Andy had to say to me was that she will do whatever her parents would ask her to. That’s simple for her, but what about my feelings?

In a way, she was right, she should agree with her parents, but what about me? What about my life? What about her? I can’t imagine her with my brother! Who was 5 years older than her! She was like a sister to him but he didn’t seem to care at all!


I didn’t tell him what Andy and I had. I didn’t tell my brother how much I loved her. I wanted him to be happy with her. But deep down inside, my heart hated him, hated that he got the girl that I wanted, and I was fuming from jealousy.

Now, I had shifted and was living far from home. It’s been 2 years and I STILL can’t believe what happened. But this is life, one of us gets lucky and the other gets very unlucky. I haven’t even talked to any of them.
After her, there was never any other girl for me, and there never will be. She was my first and last love. I loved for the first and last time in my life.

The point is, you can’t stop anything, you can’t decide anything and you can’t stop anything, no matter how independent you are. Everything has a reason behind it. You’ve got to be determined if you want to move forward after such circumstances, there was a reason to die for me, but also reasons to live.

Tomorrow I am going to see them as they have been blessed with a baby girl, and I wanted to go check up on them anyways. As I said before, time changes everything. You just have to move on and accept it And I’m still trying to forget every single painful moment, and I now walk forward with good determination in my heart.

   “Sometime at some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in our hearts but can’t be in your life!





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