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story of hammad and shiza



“I have a boyfriend.”

“I’m so in love with him!”

“I’m totally marrying him one day.”



story of hammad and shiza


I listened to my friends go on and on about their so-called-boyfriends. I had read enough novels to know what love was, and who boyfriends were.

But it wasn’t something I had experienced in real life. And I was waiting for him, the right guy, and my soul mate.
Little did I know that he was living right in my house with me!


My aunt’s family and my family lived together, along with my siblings and their kids and another uncle. We were all pretty close so it wasn’t awkward living with them.
In fact it was fun. Until my parents ruined it for me.

My dad, he was the most overprotective person in the world. Up to the point where what he tries to protect me from is completely pathetic.
I had three cousins living with me, two were younger and one was older. Demarcus, the older one, was the one I was closest with. He was the only sane guy out of my cousins and siblings. My siblings and cousins just weren’t the type of people I talked to. They were tatter tales. They’d tell my parents everything I told them.

This is why I spent most of my time with Demarcus. He was just as lame as the rest of them, but he was a good listener and he could keep secrets.
I wasn’t even a teenager yet. And my parents couldn’t stand to see me having fun in my life, so they told me to stay away from Damarcus.

I was so little; I didn’t know it was because they thought there was something going on between us!
Demarcus was like my personal servant. He’d do anything I’d tell him to. He’d get me Hersheys and ice creams. All I had to do was ask.

story of hammad and shiza

So when we all moved in together, I was happier than ever. I wouldn’t have to wait for weeks to meet up with my cousins and play.

Even though I didn’t think my cousins were the best in the world, I loved playing with them. They weren’t the kind of people I’d talk to about serious stuff, but they were the kind of people I’d play and have fun with. Except for Demarcus. He was both, fun and serious.
We played hide-and-seek, and so many other games in which we’d pretend we’re all doctors, or teachers, or that we’re all managers in an office.

Moving in together sounded amazing. We could play and play all day!
That’s right, it only SOUNDED awesome. Because it was ruined; due to my overprotective parents.
The first few days were really good. We’d play day and night, and it never got boring. We were seven cousins in total. All the grown-ups would be huddled in one corner talking and drinking tea, and the seven of us would be all over the house having the time of our lives.

story of hammad and shiza

One day, my mom told me that my dad didn’t like the fact that I played with Demarcus.
And this was life to me. It was so good, after being bored at home for so many years I had cousins to play with and be with all the time.
There were two portions, one for our family, and one for theirs.
And I was banned from going to their portion of the house. Every time that we were all playing, my mom would call me and tell me to go to my room, or to do something else.

Soon everyone got pissed that I wouldn’t play with them. They didn’t understand, and they didn’t know the things my parents were doing. Afterwards, they all just started playing without me.
I would sit in a corner and cry. Cry because I felt left out, like no one even cared about me.
I was always sitting between the grown-ups, feeling terrible and left out. All the kids would be having fun and I had to sit down and listen to them discuss family issues.


Slowly, I started playing with them again. Every time my parents went out for groceries or anything, we’d all play. And it was all back to normal, and it was fun again. But I had to play in secret, because if my parents found out they’d be mad.
Demarcus one day told me that he loved me. I answered by saying, “And I hate you.”
I didn’t hate him, I just said it to him. The way I say it to my brothers. And I always thought of Demarcus as a brother.

He didn’t stop. He told me again and again, and my response was the same. It didn’t matter. He was always by my side. He’d do anything I’d ask him to. I was only a small girl and my life revolved around candies and ice creams, and he’d get me all of that.

My parents started to get stricter and stricter. And soon they started to scold me. My cousins just went on playing without me. Demarcus was the only person that I told about the things my parents were saying to me.
We’d make jokes about it, we’d laugh about it. And I didn’t care if I got scolded afterwards, as long as I was having a good time.


story of hammad and shiza
Me and my other female cousin played “The Princess Game”. Demarcus was my servant, and my brother was my cousin’s servant. Demarcus was the best. He’d get me water, and do everything I asked him to.

Soon afterwards he started ignoring me. I felt even worse than usual. Because although I was left out in all the games, I knew that in the end Demarcus would never leave me. I took him for granted.
My parents kept scolding me, my other cousins didn’t know and didn’t care. I only had him to confide into.

A few months after that, we were all playing basketball. My mom kept telling me to stop, and I wouldn’t listen to her.

story of hammad and shiza
I was having so much fun and I dint want to stop. I was winning, because Demarcus was letting me. He didn’t even make an effort to stop me from scoring!
But Demarcus got sick and tired of my mom screaming at me.
Demarcus said, “You know what, this is all happening because of me. Don’t talk to me, stay away from me. Maybe your parents will be happy then.”

But I didn’t want to. I went to my mom, and told her that I was just playing with my cousins and that wasn’t illegal. She didn’t let me, saying I wasn’t supposed to be playing with Demarcus.
When he told me to leave that was the moment I realized I liked him. A lot. I never admitted it, to him neither to myself.

I kept telling myself. He’s a cousin, he’s lame. Why like him? Why like him when there were so many hot guys after me?


I deleted all of my guy friends, without even saying goodbye. Something just happened to me. I finally found out why I was always hanging out with Demarcus.
I went up to him and asked him, “Do you like me?”
“No.” he said.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, I said, “Well I like you now, but it doesn’t matter since you don’t like me.”
And I stormed out. I cried and I cried. I told Demarcus’ sister that I liked him, and she was shocked, since I always kept telling everyone I hate him.
I felt terrible. I had just gotten into a huge fight with my best friend, and she had left me. But it didn’t matter because I had Demarcus when I got home from school.
But now, he left me too.

The same day, he came and told me he DID like me. He only said no because I always kept telling him I hated him. I told him I liked him, and he told me he liked me too.

story of hammad and shiza
My parents told me again and again to stay away from him. But I was a teenager now, and it took me three years of him saying “I love you” to realize I liked him a lot.
The more my parents told me to stay away, the more I went with him. After we confessed my feelings it was all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine.
But good things don’t last forever right?

Because we got caught talking online, and then we got caught meeting secretly. We got caught again and again.
I’d get scolded, he’d get scolded, and then we’d meet up again. That’s how madly we loved each other. Nothing mattered, nothing in the world mattered when I was with him. My parents could beat me up for all I care.

It’s been a year since we’ve been together now, and we still talk. We’ve shifted houses, since my parents decided we are inseparable.
But nothing is impossible, and we still meet up.

story of hammad and shiza
Family problems will not matter if your love is real. Nothing will matter. When you find the right person, you will be willing to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for him or her. You will listen to people gossip, talk, and say shit about you, but you won’t care.
Because at the end of the day, you have someone who loves you to death.

So if there are people out there, who are having problems, don’t give up. When there are hurdles and barriers in your relationship, fix them because nothing is impossible and love is not something that you find on the street.
It is hard to come across the perfect person, and when you do, make sure they stay. Everything will be worth it. You just have to be patient, and you have to be willing to fight and sacrifice your life for the right person.

I, Melissa, am proof of the fact that even if there are problems, you will overcome them if you and your partner are willing to make everything better.
It all started with him having a crush on me when we were young, and now we’re both adults, crazily and madly in love.

You’re not just my friend, you’re my love!

You’re not just my love, you’re my heart!  

You’re not just my heart, you’re my life!

You’re not just my life, You’re my everything!






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