They say you can’t find love, it just comes to you.
But you’re not just going to be sitting in your couch watching TV and you’ll find your true love waiting at the door.
You have to make an effort, and find true love with determination and willingness, only then will you find true, real and long lasting love.

First of all, you have to move on.
Finding true love can be hard if you’ve lost someone you love.
If you’ve suffered heartbreak and loss regarding your loved one, then getting ready to find love again can be very hard.
But the only way to overcome this fear is to leave the past in the past.

Forget the past because you cant change it no matter how hard you try. You have to lean from your mistakes, and realize that there are amazing people out there who are ready to love and be loved.
Nothing can be done without great determination, thus forget about what has happened and make the best out of your life in the PRESENT.
Open your heart up and leave the past, in the past, you should be ready to face new challenges, whether you’re looking for love for the first time or whether you’ve fallen in love before.
Be open, and inviting, take whatever life gives you and make the best out of it.
Take time to figure out everything, don’t rush into anything, and remember not to make finding true love your top priority in life.

There are other things that are to be done!
Take time to meet people, don’t stress yourself about thinking far ahead.
Don’t be in a hurry to find a person and get married to them already! Meet them, get to know them, their limitations, and so on.
You have to do what you possibly can, and leave the rest to fate.
As mentioned before, love won’t just come to you. Get outside; go to different places where you are likely to find people your own age.
Visit clubs, malls and other locations and try making new friends. Strike a conversation with them, and sound friendly.
Ask your friends if they know anyone who might be a good match for you. You could use dating apps like Tinder to find people who live close by.

Try engaging in a conversation with them, and give a good lasting impression.
Remember that the first impression is the last impression.
Meet up with people in social places so that people feel secure. Imagine if some stranger called you over to their house!
Always be safe, because you can never trust these people that you meet, but never think negatively because they can turn out to be the best people you’ve ever met, or the worst.
Don’t judge right after your first meeting.
Remember that everyone has their flaws and qualities. Learn to accept them. Don’t try to change them, but instead try to accept and live with how they are.
The only thing you should be doing, is improving yourself. Think about it, if you’ve been in countless relationships and they’ve just never seemed to work out, is there something wrong in all those people, or is there something wrong with you?
Have a good attitude. Don’t come off as too sassy, snarky or sarcastic. Sure, sarcasm is hilarious, but over-doing anything ruins it.
Remember to be patient. All good things come to those who wait. I know it can get exhausting and frustrating, but that’s the way it is.
When you meet the person, look for their qualities, and think, are these the qualities that I need in a compatible partner?
Remember to look for caring, honest and funny people. They will make your life beautiful!
If you’re a good person, good people will automatically be attracted to you, and soon you will find that you have found true love!

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